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The recruitment market is challenging with candidates now choosing the businesses they want to work for rather than applying for any vacancy going. The importance of having a clear and compelling Employer Value Proposition is therefore of paramount importance. We have a demonstrable track record of working with clients to build employer propositions and brands that resonates with the job market, appeals to the right candidates and sets them apart from the competition and gives them a competitive edge in the ‘war for talent’. Interested in knowing more, check out our case study:

A strong EVP makes all the difference . . .

The problem


Our client was struggling to fill roles. They were experiencing time to hires of over six months. They were also struggling for applications – not just quality applications, any applications at all. Over 70% of their key roles were being filled by an internal pipeline which was not sustainable in the long term. There was no clear recruitment strategy or reason for joining the business. The process was also drawn out and lengthy and as a result some areas were seeing circa 50% of candidates dropping out through the process. In short, recruitment was a struggle. 

The solution

When we engaged with our client we quickly set up and led a recruitment task-force to get under the skin of their recruitment issues. We also engaged with new starters and recent unsuccessful candidates to understand their experience. We got under the skin of their strong corporate brand to find out what made it great and industry leading. We made sure this was replicated as we created a series of compelling messages about what it was like to work for our client. We made sure that these were reflected in everything we did and said when attracting candidates. We build a profile of the candidate they wanted and developed a bespoke recruitment strategy to attract them. This accompanied by a slick, fast, fit for purpose and flexible recruitment process made for fantastic results.

The results

Within six months of launching the EVP, recruitment strategy and new process, external applications were up by 60%, time per hire had halved and candidates dropping out of the process had fallen to below 10%. The business also began to experience a growth in sales as a result of having a fully resourced team and exceeded their stretching business targets.

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