Flexibility is key to attracting and retaining the best talent...

If you're currently developing your Resourcing Strategy to ensure you have access to the best possible candidates, then it is integral that you have a recruitment proposition that will resonate strongly with the talent you want. In recent months I have been engaging with a wide variety of candidates, from a range of demographics, to find out what attracts them to a business and then what keeps them engaged enough to stay for the long term. Here's what I heard . . .

1. Flexibility matters most. Almost all of the candidates I spoke with highlighted the importance of having the option for some form of flexible working and felt that above everything else, flexibility in working hours and how and when you work would be a major factor in determining their next career move. The candidates I spoke to didn't want an easy life, they wanted to be able to control and have the freedom to ensure that their working arrangements complimented their life and that their life enabled them to perform at work. This could take the form of working from home, or part-time, with compressed hours, as part of a job share etc. There didn't seem to be a single definition of 'flexible' but the common theme seemed to be about freedom in designing how you worked.

2. Progression opportunities. Candidates are still looking for roles that will enable them to progress their careers, either vertically, up the hierarchy or through lateral moves into new areas that enabled them to broaden their horizons and gain new experiences. Where people felt that joining a business would mean that they would be stuck in one place with limited opportunities to move around, it was pretty likely they wouldn't accept a job offer or apply for the role in the first place. In addition, a lack of progression was also a major contributing factor the staff turnover and disengagement.

3. Pay and Benefits. It seems the world hasn't changed that much after all. I was expecting to hear about the importance of a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or of the organisation having strong values and whilst these things are important, having a job or a career that enabled you to pay the bills and have good benefits was still fundamental in attracting the best talent to your business. Indeed, better pay and financial rewards was also a factor retaining your employees.

Other important factors were having a strong CSR and of course the quality of the organisation's leadership. However, the above were the top three factors in enabling businesses to attract the most talented employees.

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