Four Steps to a Rock Solid Employer Brand

The way of attracting top talent to your business has changed. It used to be a case of putting an advert on a job board or engaging a great recruitment agency and waiting for the CV's to pour in. Not anymore. The candidates you want are increasingly looking at the work your business does in the community, your values, what makes your business different as well as the benefits you offer.

Having a rock solid employer brand that people understand and want to be part of is therefore key to attracting the candidates you really want. Here are our big four tips for doing just that:

1. Where are you now?

The first thing to do is to make sure you understand how existing employees and potential candidates feel about you as an employer. What do they think you stand for and why might they join, conversely, what might put them off? Why do existing employees stay and what attracted them? What do those who already work for you think makes your business unique and what do they think you need to enhance or change? Also engage with your recruitment partners and others suppliers to find out what it's like to work with you. Consider your Glassdoor reviews etc, look at your recruitment surveys. In short, get as much data as possible that way you can understand what people think is great about you and where you need to focus.

2. Culture is King. In order to attract top talent, you have to provide a working experience that no other company can. Any company can provide a job, but how many provide a culture that people really dream of being a part of? Engage everyone to help build and promote a strong company culture that they are proud of. When recruiting, select people based on not just their hard skills, but more importantly on their soft skills and their values - make sure they match with those who want to resonate throughout the business. This way, your teams will build the brand for you. If they love what they do, then word will spread quickly.

3. Get social.

Social media gives a world of opportunity, above everything it is a great tool that will enable you to strengthen your employer brand. There are loads of channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (among many others) and they aren’t just platforms for marketing and selling branded products and services. They're also great avenues for building your network, talking about your business and what makes it great, and for sharing inside stories that showcase your culture and grab the attention of the talented individual you’re hoping to attract.

4. One Brand.

It is important to make sure your employer brand and corporate brand complement and are consistent with each other. If there’s a clear disconnect or conflicting messages between the brand you’re showing employees and the brand you’re showing customers – people will notice. You need your brand to support and strengthen your employer brand and vice versa.

So, recruitment and having an employer brand that stands out is much more than putting a advert on a job board or on LinkedIn. The way to attract top talent is changing and becoming more complex and sophisticated. The need to have a employer brand that stands out and resonates has become increasingly important, soon, you'll struggle to recruit the talent you want without it.

If you thinking of reviewing or launching your employer brand then Brave Human Capital Group have the expertise to help you. Get in touch.

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