High performing businesses are doing these things . . .

Building and maintaining a highly engaged team is challenging at the best of times. In these times of uncertainty, change and social conscience it's even more important. Having a highly engaged team, who buy into your business' mission, values and what you're about could be the difference between survival and thriving.

At Brave we work with clients, large and small to develop highly engaged, well-led teams. We've found that the best performing businesses are doing the following things to create high performance during these times of uncertainty:

One. They're Listening. They are taking the time to engage and listen to their teams. Leaders are having one to ones with their people regularly, checking in with them, not just about work but about home to. They're asking how they are finding things, what challenges they have, what's worrying them and what they're enjoying. Importantly, they aren't just listening, they are also responding, taking action on the feedback and adapting as required.

Two. They're Creating a Common Purpose. This is always at the heart of any engagement strategy. When I used to work with the Gallup, their consultants would talk about this endlessly. The best companies who are coming through the pandemic in the strongest position are clearly articulating their mission and purpose and linking to individuals roles and accountabilities. This is allowing them to be flexible, move people around the business to where they are needed most and people buy into it because they understand what is important to make the business thrive.

Three. They're communicating. Endlessly. One of our clients is a tech business with around 60 people. Things have been challenging for them but they continue to develop and grow. The secret to their success in the last few months has been their level of communications. They've had weekly all company conference calls, teams events, newsletters, management Q&As. They've spoken about how the business is performing, the priorities and what they'll be doing next. The whole business is in the loop, all the time.

Summary. In these times of uncertainty with people fearing for their jobs, even potentially watching colleagues be made redundant, it's more important than ever to continue to engage your team. There are things you can do (and things we can help you with too!) that don't have to cost the earth. Listening, talking, setting a vision for the future along with being flexible cost little but go a long way.

If you would like help developing an innovative employee engagement strategy to will enhance performance over the next few months and beyond, then don't hesitate to get in touch by calling James on 07825 211398 or by emailing hello@bravehcg.co.uk.


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