Imagine if . . .

. . . you could change and restructure your business, retaining your key talent, limiting disruption, increasing employee engagement and guaranteeing improved performance in the short and long term. At Brave HCG, with our unique and proven methodology, this is what we do. We don't believe in designing a business structure that does not consider your team, your strengths, your brand or your skills. Instead our method is to look at what makes your business/department great and we work to enhance it. We do this alongside developing a sustainable plan to develop the new skills and expertise you will need.

Our method is based on three simple steps:

1. Structure and industry trend analysis. We take a thorough approach to understanding how you work, your processes, what makes your business unique, what your customers want/feel and the trends that are impacting your sector and what your competitors are doing. We seek to understand everything about your business before thinking about how to support you with a restructure or programme of change.

2. Strengths focus. Next we look at the strengths in your team, where you excel and what you are known for. We then spend time working out how we can structure your business or department to maximize these strengths and equally make sure you can make the most of new opportunities. We look at the areas where you are not as strong and work out how we can optimize performance in these areas - this could be through outsourcing, a business acquisition or a through a sustainable and planned programme of capability development.

3. Structure design. Once we understand how you currently operate, the competitor landscape and industry trends alongside the existing strengths of your team we will work to design an efficient, lean and commercially focused structure that optimizes your business' performance in the areas that matter most.

Will this approach actually work? Well, the short answer is . . . YES . . . almost certainly and it is backed up by research from Gallup who have found that taking a strengths based approach will:

Increase profit by between 14 to 29%.

Increase sales by between 10 and 19%.

Improve customer engagement by 3 to 7%.

If you want to begin to change your business and enhance your performance through people, and want a fresh approach that will guarantee results, then get in touch today for a confidential conversation.

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