Over One-Third Of UK Workers Fear Redundancy

A new survey has found that 38 per cent of UK workers see redundancy as a threat, with as many as one in ten stating that they think it is likely they will be offered redundancy in 2019.

Reporting on the research by Lee Hecht Harrison Penna, HR News noted that workers in certain sectors are more worried about losing their jobs than others. For instance, among those working in IT roles the number anticipating redundancy this year climbs to 30 per cent.

It’s not much better for those working in the building and property trades, with 27 per cent of them also believing redundancy is likely in 2019.

At the other end of the scale, British emergency services workers are the least worried about the prospect of redundancy, with just five per cent considering this a possibility in the coming year.

The news provider noted that any business that is making redundancies needs to ensure it handles the process well. Failing to do so can not only mean that individual employees are negatively impacted, but can also affect the business’ overall brand and harm its future prospects.

HR can play a crucial role in helping people move on in a positive way following redundancy.

CEO of UK and Ireland at Lee Hecht Harrison Penna JC Townend told the website that redundancy doesn’t have to be a negative event in someone’s life.

“Redundancy can present a great opportunity to explore new prospects in an industry you’re passionate about or supercharge your professional development in a different organisation,” he stated.

The picture may not be as concerning as some believe though. An article for HR Director last month shared research from EMW, which revealed that UK firms reduced redundancy payments from £3.8 billion in 2017 to £3.6 billion last year.

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