To Dare is to Do!

If you're a regular reader of our blogs, you'll know by now that I'm a massive Spurs fan. Have been since the age of 7 and always will be. It's been a life of pain, disappointment and tears, interrupted by moments of joy (when Gazza scored against Arsenal with one boot in 1988 or when he smashed in that free kick in the FA cup semi-final), fun and . . . hope. In last night's amazing match against Manchester City I went through this roller-coaster in 90 minutes. I went to bed and wondered why do I do this every week, twice? Why did I decide to follow a team who, lets be honest, have let me down at least 50% of the time over the last 30 years? Well here's why and there are lessons businesses can take from my unquestioned loyalty.

1. Hope. Every Saturday at 2.59pm I feel hope. No matter who we're playing I feel hopeful. I look forward to it . . I look forward to what the boys in white and blue might achieve, the amazing goals they might score. I feel positive about the future and the possibility that something amazing might be about to happen. I might feel differently by 3.20pm but I will have had hope for 20 minutes at least. If businesses can re-create this 'hope' through their leaders they'll be on to a winner for sure. Oh, by the way, in the 71st minute, Llorente didn't let me down last night. Hope lives on.

2. To Dare is To Do. It's Tottenham's ethos. Their one overriding value that shines through in everything they do and it totally aligns with my own values and ethos. Either that or I've aligned myself to it. Anyway, I believe. To Dare is To Do. As a kid I used to scribble it in my school books and the club have lived it through history. The first team to win the FA Cup and League double in the early 1960's, the flair players - Nicholson, Blanchflower, Ardiles, Hoddle, Waddle, Gascoigne, Lineker, Klinsman, Keane, Bale, Kane, Son . . . Llorente. It's ingrained. It's daring. It's Brave. I totally buy into it. They recruited me as a 7 year old. I'm aligned and a fan for life. Imagine if we could get our employees to feel this way too.

3. Belonging. Being at White Hart Lane (the old stadium anyway, I haven't been to the new one yet), surrounded by other Spurs fans going through the same pain makes me feel part of something, part of a community. We're in this together, no matter what . . . even when we go out of the cup to Palace or when Utd come back from 3-0 down to win 5-3. I'm part of a club of people and we're in it together. A bit like a high performing team at work.

Wouldn't it be great if we could re-create the above in our work environments? This is what we strive to do with our clients. Like Spurs, we're Brave too.

So, until Saturday . . . Come on you Spurs, bring on City . . . again. In the meantime, I believe . . . well . . . I have hope anyway. COYS.

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