Which Roles Do You Have Difficulty Filling?

Every business will have different recruitment challenges, but it seems that there are some jobs that it is more difficult to fill than others.

Research from Indeed, and shared by Personnel Today, found that it’s the technology sector that struggles the most when it comes to finding suitable candidates for vacancies.

In fact, six of the ten jobs that it’s most difficult to recruit to are in the tech industry.

Software engineer is the highest placed of these, at number four on the list, with 41.8 per cent of these roles hard to fill.

Also in the list are software architect, front-end developer, system engineer and software test engineer.

However, the most difficult job to recruit to was that of optometrist, with 68.79 per cent of these jobs considered hard to fill. Solicitor and surgeon completed the top three in the list.

Bill Richards, managing director of Indeed UK, explained that Brexit is adding another layer of challenge to firms looking to recruit to certain roles.

“Many of the ‘hardest to fill’ roles have historically been ones that were filled by EU workers drawn to the UK by Britain’s more abundant job opportunities,” he revealed.

This means it’s definitely a job seeker’s market, but there are things you can do to make your company more attractive to potential candidates.

A recent article for Produce Business UK suggested presenting job opportunities in a contemporary way, and making job adverts sound fun and enticing, as well as making sure you promote any policies in place designed to boost staff wellbeing.

If you need assistance with HR talent management, contact us today to find out more about our expertise.

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