Q&A with…Bernadette Wilson

Meet Berni…our Marketing Manager mum of three, (including twins) which makes her the ultimate champion of multi-tasking!


Describe your job in three words


Creative, collaborative and rewarding


Which of Brave HCG’s values do you most identify with?


I love that James has set up a business which prides itself on acting with total integrity. Our advice is always honest, even if it means we don’t get your business. Honesty builds trust and that’s how we build and maintain fantastic relationships with all our clients.


Where do you feel like you make the biggest contribution within the team?


Marketing and anything a bit techy! I am responsible for developing the company website, social media, blogs etc and making sure people are talking about us…in a good way of course! I really enjoy the business development side of things too.


What or who inspires you?


My dad. I honestly don’t know how he found enough hours in the day to be such a successful businessman, wonderful husband and father to five children, author and friend to so many. He loved to be busy and had an enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge which was unparalleled and awe inspiring. But most of all, he was just a really good person and someone I aspire to live like.


What did you want to be when you were little?


I wanted to perform musical theatre in the West End.


Last book you read?


‘Under The Wig’ which documents the high-profile murder cases defended by lawyer Willian Clegg. I love anything to do with criminal justice, particularly true crime. I am fascinated by the psychology of it all and what drives people do commit the most abhorrent crimes. I think I am a bit of an armchair detective too, so I like trying to piece the bits of the puzzle, which is fine with a book, but incredibly annoying if you chose to watch a film with me!!


Top 3 dinner party guests…


Micky Flanagan for humour, David Attenborough for conversation and Taylor Swift for a little musical interlude!


Finish the sentence, ‘You might not know this but….’


When I went travelling with my best friend Dominique we ended up crashing a party in LA hosted by Richard Branson and sat on a table having dinner with Buzz Aldrin!