Scared is what you are feeling. Brave is what you are being

When I decided to leave the comfort of my nicely paid, comfortable job with all the benefits you could shake a stick at and start up on my own, it’s safe to say I was scared. Scared to fail, scared to feel the pinch financially as I got myself started, scared about how I would be protect myself and my family if the business went through a rough patch. But, behind the fear lay the passion to create something amazing which reflected me and all the values I stood for. A business with integrity which would do thing the right thing, always. A business which treated every client as unique and tailored an approach completely bespoke to them and their needs. When I thought about it, the only thing holding me back was myself and my fear of the unknown. So I went for it. Boldly. I was brave and Brave was born. I couldn’t be prouder of how far we have come as a business, and as a team. So whatever you are thinking about doing, be it your dream job or a new hobby, don’t let fear be an obstacle, it’s just a hurdle to jump!